Are You Ready To Go NEXT LEVEL?

Coaching Young Female Leaders to go NEXT LEVEL in Career & Life

Go NEXT LEVEL in Career & Life

Do you recognize any of these?

  • You feel you have untapped potential and are looking for ways to get to the next level of your career
  • You’re doing things “by the book” or better(!) but get no recognition for what you bring. It really makes you question yourself & your abilities and eats away at your self-confidence.
  • You feel a kind of stuckness, like you’re in a dead-end streat with nowhere to go.
  • You want to use and increase your female strengths more proactively but are not sure how.
  • You’re caught up in that pressure of performing to outside expectations and that feeling like “It’s never enough”. It’s like running in place – and you just can’t seem to get off that treadmill.
  • You have that nagging feeling of unfulfillment and are just not able to enjoy your work anymore.
  • You didn’t get a raise (or only a small one) in the recent salary rounds & performance reviews.
  • There is no promotion or possibility for upleveling your career in sight.
  • Recently a fun project was awarded to someone else less qualified.

I know how you feel – I’ve been there. And it was a long lonely journey to get to where I am now. BUT it doesn’t have to be like that for you!

Yvonne Loorij

Hi, my name is Yvonne Loorij, Career Coach for Young Female Leaders. My mission is to help women go NEXT LEVEL and get what they deserve for their talents and knowledge. So they are confident and trust their own innate (female) power and intuition in their leadership roles and in life.

What I offer

Yes! You CAN have it all. That promotion, salary increase or your dreamjob. And you don’t have to behave like a man to thrive in business.

Many (young) women underestimate their talents and don’t trust their own strenght & intuition. They lack confidence and guts to go for that next level.

So what happens when you underestimate your own talents, experience & knowledge? Others will underestimate you too!

confident woman

Showing up fully, with confidence and trusting in your own capabilities is key here. Not making yourself small or copying another (male) managers’ style.

As women we can tap into a whole different type of energy that will allow us to lead from a more holistic place, where you don’t have to suppress parts of yourself, but use that female power to your advantage. And then things will get a whole lot easier!

Find your true strengths & values, let go of those limiting beliefs and own your power. Be unapologetically YOU!

It will be quite a ride, and I might show you parts of yourself you have been hiding in the closet, but believe me, it’s sooo worth it!


A Life Changing Experience

To work with Yvonne and have her as a coach is a life changing experience. Yvonne is a unique combination of softness, empathy, assertive guidance and insight. She is a master of not only spiritual development, but cognitive methods.

So many times we approach the trek towards our life goals separately between career and personal. In fact, they are and will always be inextricably linked together in our pursuit of wellness and happiness.  Her holistic approach to coaching gave me the landscape lens I needed to understand myself, my beliefs, value systems, and what is meaningful to me. Dislodging rusted valves that have held up water from flowing, a fish from swimming, has been fundamental in guiding my path towards abundance – in my professional development and more personal growth.

I would highly recommend Yvonne to anyone seeking truly effective methods to carve out the path to happiness and the best version of yourself.  

– Nancy Zhang, CFA

Clarity & a Shattered Glass Ceiling 

Yvonne guided me through the process (that is very practical & down-to-earth) the „Strala“-way: with ease, asking the right questions & thus creating & holding space for me to find my own answers. No judgment, no right or wrong. My solution, not anybody else´s. 

I discovered blocks & their underlying beliefs that I had no idea of but that explained so much of what I had been struggling with. Long story short: I had a MAJOR breakthrough! I feel as if I shattered my own glass ceiling: limitless & free. 

In addition to her Life Coaching Program I booked a session explicitly on Business Coaching which has already made all the difference! 

I will keep on working with her not only because she is experienced & knowing but above all because she is a wonderful, warm, friendly & intelligent human being. I love her!

If you are looking for clarity, whether in your private life or for your business – Yvonne is your coach! 

– Dr Katrin Henneke, PhD

Natural Growth & New Tools for Life

I acquired so much information about myself, in the short weeks we worked together. The approach you took felt so natural and helped me see my thought and habit patterns in a completely different view. I am so appreciative of your program and will forever be grateful as well as continue to grow from using the tools I learned. Thank you again!

– Mallory Nunes, Multi-talent, Writer & Mom of 4