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Current Program

NEXT LEVEL Career Coaching Program

7-week NEXT LEVEL 1-on-1 Career Coaching Program @ Eur 695,-

  • One 90 min intake & deepdive session
  • 6 x 60 min coaching sessions
  • 6 weekly coaching assignments (60-90 min per week)
  • Weekly email & Whatsapp support for assignments
  • Aftercare: 4 x 15 min bi-weekly check-in calls

Down-to-earth, get things done, practical, step by step. That’s the way to go NEXT LEVEL in your career.

You KNOW you have the skills, experience and talent to do more, you WANT to have more fun and get paid well for what you bring. Yet somehow you got stuck in what feels like a dead-end street at work.

It can be quite overwhelming indeed to find a way to that NEXT LEVEL. So let me guide you on your path!

In my 7-week program we will work on getting you UNstuck and on your way to that Next Level in life & career.

It all starts with awareness, knowing yourself and your talents, your values and your longings. And from there we’ll forge the path based on what is most authentic and ease-full for you. So you can climb to that next level with ease and enjoy the ride!

Want to know if this is for you and how I can help you? Book a FREE 30 min Introduction call here. I’m excited to meet you!

With 34 years of IT and Sales experience as well as owning two small businesses myself, I’m happy to be your mentor, cheerleader and coach on many practical & strategic topics regarding your career.

ONGOING Career Coaching for ALUMNI

  • 12 one-hour sessions, bi-weekly or monthly @ €1500

Ongoing 1-on-1 coaching for clients that completed the NEXT LEVEL Career Coaching Program and would like to continue working with me.

Some of the ways I can help you UPLEVEL your game even more are:

How to negotiate your salary & bonusses, how to read & navigate the company’s strategy and manage your manager, help to uplevel your presentation skills (both technical and delivery) and much more!