Your Tree Is Needed

Your Tree Is Needed

Just think about it, do you compare or judge the trees you see in the forest?

Or do you see beauty and worth in each and every one of them? Big or small, straight or bent, they all add to the experience of abundance and natural splendor.

It’s no different with us – we too bring our unique value to the human experience. Your tree is needed too! But what happens in the course of our lives is that we think we all have to look and be the same to be worthy or to have value.

So you prune away branches that don’t fit the mold and don’t allow that uniqueness to show up anymore. You start to believe that those parts of you that feel most natural, that flow out with Ease, are somehow wrong or not useful.

And that is where we cut ourselves off from the flow of abundance and creativity. The belief that you can’t be or do things in a way that comes easy to you, that feel good. Because no pain no gain, right?

These (mostly unconscious) patterns and conditioning where put into you by your parents, teachers and (work) culture. There is no bad intent here. The conditioning was probably very useful to you at some point in your life. It’s in all of us.

And we’re scared to leave the mold. To show up as our own tree.

But just imagine how it would feel to float on that flowing river of ease – not row against it anymore, and share all of your innate gifts, talents and strengths.

Want to tap into that energy and find your path to Ease and Abundance?

Check out my Ease & Abundance for Life Coaching Program and contact me for a free intro session if you feel the pull.


Quote by @tarastiles who is an amazing example of how to navigate life and business with Ease while staying true to yourself.🙏💕🙏

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