What I wish I knew before

What I Wish I Knew Before

After 34 years of working in IT there are quite a few things I wish somebody would have shared with me when I started out. But then again, there weren’t many women in the IT business back then. 

So in the spirit of learning from each other, to the new generation of female leaders & entrepreneurs: Here are 5 rules men don’t share with women.

1. Don’t put yourself down

Men have a way of talking themselves into deals, while women talk themselves out of deals. So always talk yourself up because you have so much to be proud about!

2. No cold calls, please

Referrals are everything. Always get someone else to boost your credentials first before you ask for the deal. Men lay a base for each other and so should women.

3. Support the sisterhood

The ‘old boys club’, a mutual society for men in the business is alive & kicking. In the same way, female leaders & entrepreneurs must strenghten the sisterhood by making introductions and highlighting their peers’ credentials to key business contacts. 

4. No more ‘but’s

‘But’ is probably one of the worst words in the English language. If you think about it, once you say ‘but’ all that anyone will remember is what comes after it.

Same goes for saying sorry when there isn’t anything to apologize for.

5. Get to the point

Think facts, not feelings. Focus on your goals. Don’t let yourself be distracted.

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