How to Uncover Your Secret Super Power

I’ve said it before: We all have our own secret Super Power. You really do! I’ve just shown myself this truth again last week.

It’s not even hard to uncover your secret super power. Once you know where (and HOW!) to look…

As some of you know I am also a yoga teacher (or guide, as we call ourselves in Strala Yoga) and lead classes at several studios in my area and online. One of the studios organised an in-person get-together with the entire team and we started sharing stories of what we had been up to.

One of the team-members told us about an amazing project she was doing. Sharing her love for books and reading with other people with chronic disease and low income by creating a non-profit local library. She had everything organised, except for needing someone that could help with building a website.

Having created a few websites myself I said: “Sure, I can help set you up with a website.” Such a great cause deserves all the help, right? And in only 3 hours I did, including a webshop and a blog. I also set up an email account for her with the company name.

It’s just a skill I picked up along the way, and I actually like doing it. No big deal… or so I thought!

A lightbulb went off after a few days. THIS IS IT!

This is how you uncover your secret super powers!

It’s in those things that come so easy for you, that you think nothing of. Because you think it’s like that for everyone.

The official term for that kind of skill is “unconciously competent”. Like fish swimming in water or a bird flying. Like driving a car, riding a bike or for some people like drawing or singing. You just know how to do it, are good at it and don’t even think about it.

And, in most cases, the things you are good at, are also the things you like to do.

So needless to say my friend from the yogastudio was super happy with my quick help. And she pointed out to me that this is really NOT so easy for her and many others AT ALL!

Which made me think about what I said to many others in the past: We all have our secret super powers, we just have to uncover them!

Here are some clues to uncover yours:

  • What is something you like to do that others don’t?
  • Are you doing this consistently, even if you don’t have to?
  • What is something that comes natural to you (building, writing, drawing, running, knitting, cooking etc etc)

Just take a look at what you do in a new light and think: is this a skill that everybody has or is good at?

If not, you may have uncovered it and think about using this Secret Super Power in a more conscious way in the future!

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