Every Choice Determines Your Tomorrow

Every Choice Determines Your Tomorrow.

Including NOT making choices

Every choice you make today determines your tomorrow. And that includes NOT making choices.

Because when YOU don’t make the choice, your environment will make it for you.

I know, this may be tough to hear. I’m not sugarcoating it. AND… at the same time this is actually great news.

Because it is THAT simple. There is no magic formula or 5-step process to having a more fulfilling career and life. I can’t offer you that guaranteed 30-day result, one-size-fits-all process to your 6-figure salary.

Your power is with you, with every choice you make in every moment of every day. As humans we are choice-making machines. What to eat, what to wear, what to say, who to listen to, what to do.

You ALSO have a choice on what you are saying to yourself, whether to listen to the voice inside or tame that #innercritic and do what is best for YOU.

And THAT’s where it gets interesting. Then the question becomes:

  • What do I actually want?
  • What is actually best for me?
  • What is that voice telling me?

I’ll admit, it took me quite a while to figure that out.

When your whole life has been about what others want and expect, and you never really learned to look after your own needs, you just become that hamster in the hamster wheel. Keeping your head down. Keeping busy.

At some point you wake up from this trance and find yourself in a place you don’t want to be in anymore.

So then the quest begins.

You made the choice to want something else, great! And discover the answers to those questions.

To learn to slow down, feel, listen and respond to what’s inside.

Enjoy the journey (that’s the whole point 😉



PS Happy to guide you on your way and be your cheerleader, mentor and coach on your way to a more fulfilled and fun (work)life. Check my current coaching programs here: Work With Me – Yvonne Loorij Coaching

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